It seems that smartwatch segment doesn’t suit Samsung. The sales of Galaxy Gear are reportedly getting worse than expected since approximately 30% of customers who bought a watch are returning it back to the store.

It has been learnt from an internal document from Best Buy just leaked on the Internet. The doc also discloses the exact release dates for the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update for Samsung smartphones, which extends the compatibility of the Galaxy Gear. Besides, it reads “the return rate of the Galaxy Gear at Best Buy stores is the highest among all the channels, but the overall rate of return tends to over 30%.”

At a rate higher than 30% means that about one of three people is returning the Galaxy Gear in store, and it’s clearly a way too high — especially for a smartwatch that has received both positive and negative publicity. Now, Samsung is encouraging its employees to ask Best Buy consumers the exact reason why they are returning the product. Once they have enough feedback, the company could use it to improve – eventually — the Galaxy Gear 2 or the original one.

Recently, a Samsung executive admitted that the Galaxy Gear is “missing something special,” but the rate of return is probably worse than the company assumed. It’s an alarming rate for a device that had launched ahead of its main competitors (Google, Apple and Microsoft), and in this context, Samsung would have to make significant changes in the future versions of smartwatch.