The Microsoft Surface 2 can’t compete against the Nokia Lumia 2520. With these words, Raj Talluri, the vice president of Product Management for Application Processors at Qualcomm emphasizes the superiority of the Finnish tablet over the second-gen of Surface — based on ARM architecture only — in an interview with CNET.

The VC justified his statement and said that it was all about timing. Microsoft had already chosen NVidia as a partner as Qualcomm SoC integrated into the Lumia 2520 wasn’t yet available.

The Surface 2, announced in late Summer 2013, integrates a 1.7 GHz quad core NVidia Tegra 4 processor while the Nokia Lumia 2520, announced a month later, is based on a 2.2 GHz quad core Snapdragon 800 processor instead. The differences are also with GPUs: NVidia’s GeForce and Adreno 330, respectively.

Surface 2

Regardless, the Nokia tablet is also equipped with LTE connectivity while the Surface 2 only offers a Wi-Fi module. However, a Wi-Fi + 4G LTE variant is expected to arrive in 2014.

According to Raj Talluri, the Lumia 2520 has clear advantages over the Surface 2 in terms of processor speed, graphics power, video playback and wireless connectivity. Performance wise, the Lumia 2520 is brilliant, and there’s no competition with the Surface 2. In each area, it’s better, faster and consumes less power than Surface 2.

Lumia 2520 Hero

In any case, the success of one or other will depend on the consumers’ interests. Both tablets are based on Windows RT 8.1 and soon will be part of the same “family” as Microsoft has acquired the hardware division of Nokia, and the support will be passed into hands of the Redmond Company.