During the current fiscal year, Apple has completed the acquisition of fifteen companies, which means that it has incorporated a new team of talents every three to four weeks. It was announced by Apple CEO Tim Cook during the conference for investors to illustrate the latest financial results.

Until now, we were aware of “only” eight of these acquisitions, and it makes sense as the Cupertino did much better than known. These’re generally small companies that have developed a set of skills and Apple needs them to grow further or to make a new sensation in Silicon Valley by integrating in their hardware devices or software services.

Therefore, some of the purchases were made public while a number of negotiations kept private instead. We will have more information about it in the future only when Apple will unveil new product sets next year.

Meanwhile, Apple has reportedly been preparing the much-talked smartwatch iWatch. And, its alleged imminent entry into the television industry with iTV is also expected in 2014.

In any case, here’s a list of few acquisitions made by the Apple in 2013:

WiFiSlam: A handful collection of technologies including Wi-Fi signals, GPS and more to craft much precise locations and maps, especially when users are indoors;

Locationary: A Canadian startup that focuses on merger and organization of business profiles and location data. It will improve maps service further;

Embark: A California-based startup that develops a mobile application dedicated to public transportation, and we may see the integration of startup’s expertise in the future release of iOS.

Hopstop.com: A New York-based team specializes in local transit directions. It will be helpful to maps and navigations by providing directions for subways stations and bus stops, sending directions to consumers directly by e-mail etc.

Passif Semiconductor: A California-based company specializing in the production of ultra-low power chips for Bluetooth. Apple could use to improve or enhance its iBeacon technology or for iWatch;

Matcha.tv: A small developers’ team that developed an app for iOS where users could access and enjoy a large database of over 250,000 titles, taken from the most popular and significant video services such as Netflix, iTunes and Hulu. And it could lead to several new features for the Apple TV.

Cue: A California based team behind a personal assistant app for iPhone that Cupertino has probably incorporated to improve Siri.