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Samsung sold nearly 5 million Galaxy Note 3 units in first four weeks


In just 4 weeks, Samsung has managed to distribute nearly 5 million Galaxy Note 3 units. It’s a great achievement that clearly demonstrates a strong interest in the new phablet, debuted in 58 countries on September 25, and then the distribution has been expanded to 82 markets around the globe, said the company’s CEO JK Shin.

It’s a record as the original Galaxy Note took five months to reach the same goal while the Galaxy Note 2 touched the numbers in two months. Hence, the Note 3 has become the second best-selling high-end product by Samsung. Even, it also suggests that there is a high demand of phablet devices on the market, and the South Korean group has been dominating the segment with its Note series.

Typically, the manufacturer doesn’t reveal the number of devices actually sold to customers, but only those sent to distributors and shops, so it would be difficult to assume how many Galaxy Note 3 are really in the hands of consumers. However, the figure should still be very close to 5 million units declared by the CEO.

Recently, Samsung also announced that it had shipped 40 million Galaxy S4 units. Even though, it’s remarkable but below the expectations as the Samsung thinks. Because of the disappointing sales reported by many analysts, the South Korean group would have decided to accelerate plans for the release of the Galaxy S5 in stores.


The phablet is an over-sized smartphone increasingly demanded by customers, and the reason being many companies have already introduced a competing product to the Galaxy Note family, such as the Sony Xperia Z Ultra, HTC One Max and Nokia Lumia 1520. It’s believed that no competitors could have threatened the leadership of the Samsung in the phablet segment so far. It’s probably not only due to great hardware, but also to the S Pen and suite of applications that Samsung has created for use with its own stylus.

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