Google has taken another step forward for public distribution of the Google Glass, the innovative augmented reality glasses currently available only to the U.S. developers. Specifically, it has opened an online store with a few accessories available for purchase.

Currently, the store is accessible to members of the Explorer program only, and enrolled developers can navigate to to get their hands on the accessories. At present, only one of four is available for purchase while other three already sold out instead.

The Google Glass available add-ons are as follows:

  • Extra Mono Earbud ($50.00): Engineered specifically for Glass, the Mono Earbud provides high-quality sound for phone and video calls.
  • Clear Shield ($75.00): Compatible with glass purchased after 10/28.
  • Extra Cable and Charger ($50.00): Premium micro USB and charger designed specifically for Glass.
  • Extra Pouch ($50.00): Designed to be both light and durable, take it with you to protect your Glass and its accessories. Japanese micro-fiber made from recycled materials.

However, Google hasn’t commented on the release date of Google Glass, merely indicating a generic 2014 so far. In July, the search giant removed the prefix “Project” from Glass before adding the product support to the Play Store that can be considered a progress towards to public launch.

glass store

Later, Google invested in Himax, a chip manufacturer — specialized in micro-display – and just two days ago, a new model of Glass announced, which will be free to developers who already have the first prototype.

The Project Glass is — without a doubt — one of the most interesting in view of hi-tech. A wearable device that allows wearer to see the reality surrounding him in a different way, providing information and various kinds of content. It also connects you online to carry out research on the Internet, how much you want to share on social networks, listen to music, to seek directions through Google Maps and much more.

(via Nick Starr)