A total of 438 million mobile phones and 244 million smartphones distributed globally in the third quarter of 2013, which is a significant number that shows the success of the mobile industry.

A report from ABI Research signals that the smartphone penetration was 45.5% in the previous quarter, setting a new record. Once again, the leader is Android, which has also increased to 81.3% market share now while the rival, Apple’s iOS slightly dropped to 13.4% from 15.6% despite the gain in shipments, and Windows Phone was being an excellent performer with 4.1%, followed by BlackBerry with 1.0% and other small operating systems with a market share of 0.2%.

The added growth recorded by Android is due to the good performance of smartphones of Huawei, Lenovo, Xiaomi and especially Samsung’s Galaxy S4 and other low-end devices those helped the South Korean group to maintain a strong leadership.


Regardless the advent of new iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C from Apple in late Q3 of 2013, the Cupertino has seen a decline due to “the growing dominance of Android and the importance of emerging markets.” In fact, iOS had 15.6% in the same quarter last year, which has dropped by 2.2%.

The race for the third place is clearly favoring Windows Phone than BlackBerry. Microsoft’s mobile OS has managed to get 4.1% of the market share, which is more than double recorded last year. On the annual basis, Windows Phone OS has gained by 178%, which is a phenomenal growth. In which, Nokia Lumia smartphones have almost 90% of the entire volume shipped running Windows Phone OS. Besides, Critics are blaming a weak lineup of BB10 devices for BlackBerry plunge down to 1.0%.


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