We all know that albeit being a premium-tier device, the Nexus devices come in a very affordable price tag. Especially the handset, compared to HTC’s and Samsung’s pricing.

The Nexus 5 currently costs $349 for the 16GB flavor and $399 for the 32 one on the Google Play store. However, Best Buy just made the device available to purchase from its online store for the extravagant $799.99 price tag – 16GB model without contract. It’s an unprecedented price point for the particular device; hence we believe it might be a glitch or some sort of placeholder.

In case the $800 pricing is not an actual error, then we don’t see a reason for customers to purchase the device from the specific retailer since Google offers it in half the price, and soon will be available bargains on eBay setting them back $300. In addition, if the 16 gigs model retails for $800 then how much the 32GB one would cost? A thousand dollars maybe?

Best Buy Nexus 5

Another plausible scenario for this pointless pricing is Best Buy offering another Google product alongside with it; maybe Chromebook or Chromecast for instance. Major outlets asked the company to comment on this; hence we’ll update you when we hear anything new about it.

Moreover, the device will be headed to Sprint for $149.99 under a two-year contract, also the first device to support its LTE Spark program. T-Mobile will have the handset in its stores in the upcoming weeks as well.

If you want to learn more about the Nexus 5 feel free to check out our first look on the next-gen Nexus smartphone.

Via The Verge | Source: Best Buy 


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