It hasn’t been a week yet since Google unveiled its new flagship device the Nexus 5 and already has a new device of the same family in the works.

Google does it again just like the Nexus 5 appeared on the Google Play store. Now an Android promo photo, Google “mistakenly” flipped the switch to make its next Nexus model briefly viewable on its website.

As you may have already figured out the device shares a striking resemblance with the 7-inch form factor of the lineup, the Nexus 7. Though the particular one seems to be exhibiting a larger display, one inch bigger potentially. Hence the name Nexus 8.


From my viewing angle, a Nexus 8 is currently implausible as there’s no point of having two devices of primarily the same form factor. The vast majority of users would just opt for one, simultaneously radically reducing the demand of the other leaving unpurchased stock. Let down the fact that the price tag of the Nexus 8 would be twenty to thirty dollars more than the 7-inch slate.

There are two plausible scenarios regarding the purported device. Either Google did it deliberately for the web to go crazy, or, to show a forthcoming strategy. The Nexus handset will eventually hit a 6-inch size, whether on the consecutive or the seventh generation. It would make the Nexus 7 redundant since both devices will practically have approximately the same screen size, though the Nexus phone, will ostensibly have double the specs, much better camera and of course it will be capable of conducting phone calls. Then Google would have to discontinue the Nexus 7 line up and integrate it to an 8-inch screen one. It’s just a hypothesis though, so we’ll have to wait for either new leaks or for the Nexus to sport a six inch display.

Source: Android