Technology won’t save the world in any way, but defeating the diseases could do it, believes Bill Gates, the one who founded Microsoft, and recently became a philanthropist with his wife Melinda.

Gates describes himself as a “technocrat,” but doesn’t believe that technology can be helpful in solving serious global issues that mostly affect the poorest countries. Only by defeating the spread of diseases, poverty, lack of opportunity in those developing countries, could save the world.

[one_half]According to the philanthropist, there’re other more important things in life. The importance of the internet as one of the priorities in the world is “a joke.” The statement criticizes the idea of many Internet companies’ leaders such as Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook and Google.[/one_half]

[Internet] as a priority is a joke. — Bill Gates


Technology is “amazing,” Bill Gates told the Financial Times in an interview. “I certainly love the IT thing, but when we want to improve lives, you’ve got to deal with more basic things like child survival, child nutrition.”

When Bill was asked whether Internet connectivity is more important than finding a vaccination for malaria, Gates replied that Internet “as a priority? It’s a joke.”

“If you think connectivity is the key thing, that’s great. I don’t,” added the inventor of Windows.

Bill Gates has alleged the view of Mark Zuckerberg that the Internet represents an inevitable force in the direction of social and economic development, and connectivity is “one of the greatest challenges of our generation.”

In August, Gates questioned the Loon project, a Google initiative to bring balloon-powered internet to “the entire world,” and responded, “When you’re dying of malaria, I suppose you’ll look up and see that balloon, and I’m not sure how it’ll help you.”

Finally, the man who wanted to bring Windows on every desk said that the PCs weren’t in any of the first five steps in the scale of human needs

Since 2008, Bill Gates the co-founder of Microsoft is doing charity with his wife Melinda. Melinda and Gates Foundation has invested nearly four billion dollars to charity in a few years.