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Apple Inc. and Foxconn are testing a 12-inch iPad; may come in June 2014


For some time now there have been rumors of the imminent production of an iPad with 11 or 13 inches. Now, the speculations are back in force by a rumor coming from the East, which claims Foxconn, the historical partner of Cupertino and Apple are preparing a 12-inch iPad, and it’s under testing.

A Chinese site PadNews has supplied the information and at the moment the reliability of the source isn’t certain. According to what has been revealed, Apple is likely to launch an iPad Maxi by next June so much so that the phase of pre-production has already started in the Chinese factories of Foxconn. Moreover, that being said Apple is exploring the feasibility of a device up to 12.9-inch diagonal, and where the prototypes prove satisfactory, and the Cupertino will begin production on a large scale soon.

However, there’re also conflicting rumors as reported by the most authoritative sources The Wall Street Journal. For a long time, Apple and Quanta are in talks of a possible collaboration for the realization of its rumored larger-sized iPad, and rumors suggest that Apple is actually testing an iPad that is closer to 13-inches diagonally.

More of the above, the rumored device could be a hybrid of a Macbook Air and iPad Air, equipped with a special version of iOS. In addition, it’s being claimed that there would be a keyboard accessory just like Microsoft Surface’s Touch Cover.

As of now the difference on partners remain on the device, but in all sense, the final target would be business users. Will a tablet that looks like a laptop replace your traditional laptop in your office? However, all of these are rumors yet, and it remains unclear if the device will make it to market at all.

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