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Samsung to release its first folding device by 2015


Those who think that what is shown in the above video belongs only to the distant future are wrong. Samsung will realize folding devices by 2015 that can be used both as a tablet and as a smartphone, according to the CEO of the company on ‘Analyst Day.’

The South Korean company has recently launched its first curved smartphone the Galaxy Round. The Round smartphone is a useful device to open the way for the next folding technology that will be seen to the market largely “during 2015,” and will cover both “traditional” devices such as smartphones and tablets, and those wearable like the smartwatch.

For instance, the user will be able to double over a tablet and use it as if it is a smartphone, then bring it back to the original position easily avoiding any kind of damage to the body and components.

Samsung has been working on flexible displays for some time, and it has also shown some prototype during the last two Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, and if all goes as planned, the manufacturer will unveil the first folding screens by the end of 2014, introducing them in stores next year.

It would be exciting to see the structure of these folding devices that may look like what is shown in the promo video. Seemingly, the future of technology looks bright and is now closer than assumed.

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