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Apple Inc. to add two new partners for iPhone 5C and iPad Mini production


Apple is looking for new partners to increase the pace of iPhone 5C and iPad Mini production as the company expects a net increase in 2014. It seems that two new Asian actors have already shaken hands with the Cupertino giant.

Although, iPhone 5C had a good start with a bang at the given price — perhaps overestimated its nature as a mid-cost smartphone – and the demand is gradually increasing worldwide. While iPad Mini is a success that has never suffered a brake, and indeed the more is coming soon with the Retina version.

Apple is poised to set new sales records with the successive hunt for new partners. Consequently, Pegatron and Foxconn may not be suffice to ensure the numbers that Cupertino needs.

According to reports from The Wall Street Journal, the Taiwanese companies Wistron and Compal Communications would be designated to kick off the mass production for Apple. The first will deal with iPhone 5C and the second with iPad Mini, although we aren’t sure if they will be assembling completely or only supply the components.

However, an important detail rumors after the separation with Samsung – a divorce could take place as early as 2014 with the production of ARM chips by Intel and TSMC. Too many scandals about the condition of workers, too many disappointments accumulated with manufacturing errors of the iPhone 5, too many controversies at home for the use of below-cost Chinese labor. In short, Cupertino would be impatient and eager to diversify production to minimize the risks of their investments. Otherwise why Foxcann said in the press to have “a life beyond Apple,” because they don’t want to fall into the trap of a production tied to a single maker in an unsafe environment. Will this really happen?

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