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Facebook redesigned “Like” and “Share” buttons; also testing star rating on Pages


Facebook on Wednesday announced the redesign of its “Like” and “Share” buttons, finally saying “bye-bye” to thumbs up. The “Like” button was introduced in 2010, which became quite popular within few months, and today, the “Like” and “Share” buttons are present on more than 7.5 million websites and viewed over 22 billion times every day.

Facebook has removed the thumbs up symbol with an ‘f’ like “f Like” and clubbed it with new “f Share”. The redesign seems simple but elegant and well-defined with blue color and more contrast. With a blue background and white letters, its eye catchy look will bring the attention of navigator and thus, draw more traffic to Facebook.

Credit: Facebook

The terms “Like” and “Share” has now become an essential part of surfer’s culture, or it’s a Facebook brand value and if the design has revolutionized, it will definitely take some time for distribution or users inheriting this thing. The depth of distribution is an extremely important value for Facebook because these buttons represent the connections with which the social network users take the information on their message boards, feeding the involvement of the community and thus creating new opportunities for contact, sharing and advertising.

Apart from redesigned “Like” and “Share” buttons, Facebook is also testing star rating system for pages like movies, restaurants and places as informed by a tipster to TechCrunch. User can rate a page out of five stars, and the collective rating will be displayed under the cover photo. However, when we tried out the page, even from a couple of accounts, didn’t get anything. It seems that users are seeing it randomly.

Facebook has been testing this rating system for pages related to places from a while ago. And, it sounds like Facebook is going on the footsteps of Foursquare or Yelps. We don’t know whether it is true or not, and the answer lies in the future, but all in all it’s a good strategy to hold the users to spend more time on Facebook.

Facebook is continuously doing the Shape-Shifting things since the beginning. In the past, it came up with new news feed and graph search.

However, the changes won’t be sudden for everyone and users won’t have to do anything to upgrade to the newer version, but if and when the update will be rolled out, it will effectively change the design. So in a short span of time, the new buttons are meant to come on every website.

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