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Google Outside: Tourists can Google now anywhere in London


Google should definitely be named as the most creative company of the year if such a title exists. It started the year with the rather innovative Glass project and now powers a great number of kiosks across 160 locations in London – 100 bus shelters and 60 tube stations with its user interface – as part of a pilot scheme, called “Google Outside.”

Wait what? Indeed it did.

Google is everywhere now.

According to sources, the company teamed up with R/GA London for this initiative. Fundamentally, the Google kiosks are made to help out tourists, providing location-based, real-time information including navigation, weather and info about local attractions.

The interface displayed on the glorious screen you saw above is Google Now, originally found in the Nexus devices. If you are using it in your mobile device, there is no difference at all.

A Google spokesperson told The Drum,

“We are currently testing a new way of helping users get the most out of London as we want people to enjoy google wherever they are. The google search app has so many great features that people can use outdoors, and we thought various spots in London would be give people a chance to experience it for a while.”

Any picture from our readers who reside in London will be much appreciated. Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section as well.


One of our awesome London readers, Billy Noyes, sent us a couple of pictures of the Kiosk itself. Take a look below.

Photo credit: Billy Noyes, @TechCastUK Instagram.

google outside kiosk 1

google outside kiosk 2

Thanks Billy!


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