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Samsung Group to conquer the smartphone world, says Canalys

The third quarter of 2013 was a key period for the rise of smartphones globally, reported Canalys. According to a new report from the analysis firm, over 250 million smartphones were deployed across the world – predominantly by Samsung.

The shipment of 5-inch smartphones reached their peak representing 22% of all shipments in the quarter. We learnt that about 56 million units belong to phone-cum-tablet segment — a trend primarily driven by the South Korean manufacturer – in which, 66% of phones have 5-inch screen, 31% between 5 and 6-inches, and only 3% of all goes beyond six-inch diagonally.

[one_half]The report also indicated that the charm of more than 6-inch smartphones would continue in the next quarter with the arrival of Nokia Lumia 1520, but “the market won’t develop quickly unless Samsung pushes its Galaxy Mega lineup.”[/one_half]


Samsung dominance increases in the Q3 of 2013.


In the global ranking, Samsung group is the leader with 34% of market share, followed by Apple with 15% and Huawei, Lenovo and LG secure their position in the top five. Besides, Android and iOS weren’t grown so much, but Windows Phone gained by 4%. In the total sales recorded in the US, Samsung and Apple have been almost 70% of the market, followed by LG and Nokia. The Finnish company has managed to make a great leap from 8th to 4th place – thanks to its Lumia devices.

The territory of Greater China – that includes China, Hong Kong and Taiwan — has also seen a growth of smartphones shipped by 64%, with nearly 100 million units sold. In this large market, Samsung is also winning the battle against local rivals that distribute low-cost devices. Samsung sold nearly 19 million smartphones, more than double compared to last year. Its share grew to 21% from 14% in the same quarter of 2012. The second largest producer is Lenovo, with 13% of the market.

After China, the second most important market is EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa), where 56 million smartphones were distributed, registering an annual growth of 22%, and exceptionally Samsung has been the leader with a 50% market share while Apple pursues 13%.

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