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Intel acquires Kno to offer interactive titles for educational use.


2013 has been the year of acquisitions, every big fish is swallowing smaller ones for their benefits. In the series of Intel’s acquisition, a new name “Kno” has been added. The name may sound new, but the Kno founded in 2009, which initially focused on hardware sector with a line of tablets and later shifted to software development dedicated to interactive title for students. The deal has been talked about in recent days with the first rumors circulating on the web, but now comes the official confirmation.

The reason for asking of such an acquisition by Intel is obvious: first, the Santa Clara chipmaker is among those who have financed the activities of Kno in recent years with over $20 million, and second, the company has a strong interest in the development of platforms and technologies related to the education world as evidenced by the recent launch of the Intel Education tablet 7 and tablet 10.

John Galvin, general manager of Intel Education said, “The acquisition of Kno boosts Intel’s global digital content library to more than 225,000 higher education and K-12 titles through existing partnerships with 75 educational publishers. Even more, the Kno platform provides administrators and teachers with the tools they need to easily assign, manage and monitor their digital learning content and assessments. The intention is to combine our experience with the contents of Kno, in order to help those who learn how to create an ecosystem that can be useful for students.”

At the moment, there’s no word yet on financial details of the acquisition. However, it’s certain that the entire team of Kno will become part of the Intel staff, except the CEO and co-founder Osman Rashid. The software developed by startup are available on iPad and Android tablets, as well as for Window PCs.


It seems Intel has no intention to exploit an already well-established educational ecosystem so that the chipmaker has decided to enter the market of interactive eBooks, with a particular focus on those for educational institutions. It’s the 5th acquisition by Intel in 2013, which will help to provide interactive content that will be useful for those who love to teach and want to explore new learning ways.

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