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Will Samsung Group steal the show from Apple Inc.?


Samsung seems to declare guerilla war against Apple. Samsung has been slowly taking down the Cupertino products while Apple is suing Samsung for patents infringement.

The South Korean giant first seized smartphone market with its flagship Galaxy S and Note series, and now it’s one of the major objective is to steal the leadership from Apple in the tablet market and become most beloved company as informed by Samsung executive Shin Jong-kyun during “Analyst Day.”

“Samsung tablet shipments started to grow remarkably since the second half of last year,” he added.

According to the CEO, by the end of the year Samsung will sell over 40 million devices, which is just twice than they did in 2012. Whereas, analysts estimate that Apple is expected to reach 72 million iPad distributed by 2013, a figure slightly up compared to the 65.7 million units sold last year. It clearly shows that the growth of the tablet from Apple seems to be slowed down while Samsung could take major leaps forward. If the sales numbers continue the trend, the South Korean giant should not take too long to get over its rival par excellence.

Both giants are ready with their equalizers.

Apart from tablets, South Korean manufacturer admitted that software quality isn’t at the same level hardware during a meeting with investors in Seoul. The Deputy Chairman and CEO, Kwon Oh-hyun has promised more investment in this sector, where Apple already excels. Nevertheless, Samsung continues to grind profits and to increase its market share.

However, Kwon didn’t specify which devices need more attention but, he promised that at least 50% of the amount allocated for research and development department will be paid to improve the software library. Given that the Korean company spends a total of over $3 billion, and it’s a huge investment. The Chairman Lee Sang-hoon emphasized to increase investment since a high proportion of the industry has shifted its focus from hardware to software. And, the objective will be achieved by recruiting young talents and setting up R&D centers in other countries.

In the future, the South Korean manufacturer has plans to introduce more powerful CPUs, folding devices, display at 560 ppi and tablet with 4K resolution by 2015. Besides, the goal is to further improve smartphone market and overcome Apple on the tablet market. As Samsung invests a large part of resources for innovations on the hardware front, but in the future, the priority will be given to software development. However, the goal is still difficult to reach as many consumers associate the term tablet to iPad, but Samsung has already started to recover.

No doubt, it’ll be a revolutionary war where Apple will have to come up with innovations and explore new markets with affordable tablets and smartphones. Otherwise, Samsung will one day rule the world.

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