Yet another revolution of the iPhone could be in the pipeline. Apple isn’t only preparing multiple versions of iPhone 6 again for the next year — as emerged online a few days ago — but it would also investigating the use of curved screens and pressure sensitive sensors, reported Bloomberg.

The successors of iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C could usher in a new era for the Cupertino. Apparently, the company would finally be ready to jump on the wagon of big screens with size from 4.7 to 5.5 inches, so as to satisfy the users who are more attracted by the large displays of the Android world. To chase this trend, however, Apple will introduce its own curved display panel, especially on the lower area, ensuring the use of the device with one hand.


Certainly Apple isn’t the first company to explore the inclusion of a curved screen on their smartphones. Both Samsung and LG have already launched their phones with a similar technology but, unlike the competitors, it won’t only be an aesthetic affectation or a show of strength on the market for Apple. Since the launch of iPhone 5 with a 4-inch Retina display, the company insisted that the smartphone must be used with one hand; and increasing the screen size in this regard would be less, unless the display itself is roundish.

Along with the curvature of the display, the future iPhone may be sensitive to pressure. In other words, there would be a new thin layer on the display, which will detect how strongly the user interacts with the surface of the device, so as to assign specific functions to the weight of the hand on the screen. However, it’s not clear whether such an innovation will be in production as early as 2014 because it seems unlikely to be ready for the next version of the iPhone, rather than for a later model.

Apple always follow “Think Different” motto and there is least chance of adopting curved screens as done by Samsung and LG. However, this round of rumors and predictions confirms one of the largest consumer expectations from the next-gen iPhone, and it’s time for a complete redesign.