New round of images and rumors have surfaced on the web about Apple’s new campus in Cupertino, so-called “Spaceship.” After the unanimous approval of the city council, new rendering of what will soon become one of the most iconic buildings in California has arrived today. It will be inaugurated in late 2015.

The circular structure is completely covered with solar panels, large glass windows to promote natural light and reduce energy consumption, zero-impact interventions and the building are surrounded by the man-made forest.

This concept was presented by Steve Jobs back in 2011, in a presentation to Cupertino City Council. The purpose of these new images, provided by Apple to the members of the board of the California town, is to show how the campus will be not only in terms of the overall structure, but also of furniture and initiatives that will take place inside.

apple campus 2 (2)

Some of the main attractions are next to the main building called “Mothership.” There is an auditorium with more than 1,000 seats. This all-glass will be the new venue for presentations and events related to the new products. In addition, the parking garage has a capacity of 2,000 cars and can be reached via a subterranean tunnel. With a surprise, the multi-level parking lots will be some real vertical gardens, with plants and flowers on walls.

Instead of regular shapes, Apple choose a circular shape as they found rectangles, squares, long buildings, and buildings with more than four stories would inhibit collaboration. The building is energy efficient and mostly uses renewable energy. And, the natural ventilation and radiant cooling will keep the air conditioners away 75 percent of the year. The campus will have several fruits plants, but apple trees will be especially grown in the center of Mothership Park.

apple campus 2 (3)

Visitors will be greeted by an entrance candidly white, with two long ladders to reach the various levels of the structure. There will vast glazed areas, to put off the idea of being immersed in nature not only from inside the structure, but outdoor trails and paths will also give the same feel.

Apple has promised to help in the construction of roads and highways with high traffic to avoid congestion and inconvenience to the public and, therefore, provided the first rendering of overpasses and tunnels as it was the only issue raised by the local municipality.

The project is not particularly ambitious, but the renderings are truly breathtaking. So far, Apple is only known for the aesthetic design of its products, but once this campus comes into reality, Apple will show that they truly believe in “Think Different”.