It’s an important announcement for the Windows world and the future of Facebook. Both parties signed an agreement such that Facebook Login becomes the heart of the identification system on Windows and Windows Phone. The Facebook identity applies to both Windows 8/8.1 and Windows Phone 8, simplifying the registration process of various services.

The step is an unique initiative and important too even because over one billion people use Facebook to connect and share, and it will allow “to access apps, play games with friends, share playlists or comment in a forum” within the Windows ecosystem.

[one_half]Thanks to Microsoft and Facebook — whose collaborative relationships are known from early stirrings of Mark’s social network — users can now perform one login on their desktop, tablet or smartphone to create a sort of identification of whereby support all subsequent logins.[/one_half]


Facebook Login is a complimentary offering to Microsoft’s identity system for consumers.


Once the credentials are handed over to the operating system, user no longer needs to enter name and password to other services based on the Facebook Login.

Studies show that “password fatigue” often negatively impacts consumer behavior and with Facebook Login, developers can now enable consumers to:

  • Login to an app with a single click or tap, re-using the Facebook credentials stored on the device.
  • Share high scores and other app events to Facebook.
  • Engage in social interactions like playing games against friends or find new opponents.

For each login, the user would simply be notified of the procedures that the individual services practiced on user data. The unified login procedure also allows you to approve the behaviors and identities on the various devices — including Windows 8/8.1 PCs and laptop, Windows RT tablet and Windows Phone 8 smartphone — in use. The procedure is useful especially on Windows Phone, where many apps are already relying on the Facebook identity.

For Facebook, it’s a success story of great scope. The agreement with Microsoft, Facebook Login will be transformed into a sort of digital identity card — already in the hands of more than a billion people around the world — allowing the user to use their own profile on the social network as a passport to a variety of apps, websites and services. For Microsoft, Windows will undergo a simplification process of experience, making it more fluid and free access to the apps that need authentication.

As of now, a number of companies, including Foursquare, Adobe and iHeartRadio, are implementing Facebook Login in their apps to create “consistent, rich and personalized experience” on Windows ecosystem.

Facebook Login APIs and documentation for Windows and Windows Phone are available right away. Facebook Login for Windows is ready to use in applications, whereas Facebook Login for Windows Phone is being launched as a beta today, which will last 60 days or fewer to try it out.



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