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LG wanted Nexus 5 to be called as “Nexus G”


Irrefutably, Google’s latest-gen handset, Nexus 5 has been the hottest property of smartphone world for past two weeks. Even here at Inferse, a large proportion of our daily tech coverage is about the particular device.

The way Google has named the device seems pretty logical, Nexus 5 since it’s the fifth iteration of the product line. Now, here’s the deal though, what would have happened if LG was assigned to call the device? You may ask why, and I reply back why not?

If you are familiar with the Nexus line up then you probably already know that the second and third Nexus were manufactured by Samsung. And, the Company was actually able to brand it, naming them Nexus and Galaxy Nexus – as a part of the high-end Galaxy family – respectively.

According to recent reports from the Korean media, LG negotiated with Google to change the moniker of the device. Fundamentally, like Samsung did, LG wanted to include the device in its top notch G line up — LG G2 and Flex – by naming after it as “Nexus G.” Evidentially, Google denied the proposal and sticked with its current naming plan. In addition, the overall hardware of the phone showcases design cues of the G line up; hence it would be quite reasonable to opt for that.


Do you guys think that Google’s naming convention was right or wrong? Feel free to let us know in the comment section below.

Via: GForGames.com Source: Chosun.com (Korean)

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