Nokia is yet to release its latest flagship device, Lumia 1520, on November 22, and it has already started planning future moves to compete in the fast changing smartphone industry.

According to famous product info leaker @evleaks and The Verge, the Finnish company is already working on two new smartphones codenamed Goldfinger and Moneypenny, which will run Windows Phone 8.1 right out-of the box.

As of now, these are just codenames, which will join the known Lumia family. However, the sources close to the company acquired by Microsoft, has revealed that the Goldfinger model is the flagship device that will be characterized by its 3D Touch feature, in which sensors – to the side of the devices — detect actions through gestures without touching the display panel.

This means that the user will able to interact with the smartphone simply through gestures with the hands above and on the side of the device – excluding the display panel. The gesture that Nokia is currently considering, include a feature for scrolling and flipping, and is designed to allow users to navigate through the interface in a particular way. Samsung has already introduced something similar in the Galaxy S4 known as “Air Gestures,” which allows you to change music track, initiate a phone call and scroll through Web pages only with gestures.

As per reports, Nokia has been working on this gesture technology from last two years, and with the help of Microsoft, they are now ready to implement it on their devices. Hence, the support for new hardware and 3D Touch could be part of the new Windows Phone 8.1 also known as “Blue,” and Nokia’s Goldfinger and Moneypenny will be the first to run it natively. Allegedly, both devices are likely to come on the market in early 2014.

(Via: The Verge)


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