I have been hosting podcasts for two years now. Ever since I started I have been always looking for the perfect-looking mic. I am aware of the fact that sound primarily matters when it comes to microphones, though, I’m really picky when it comes to opt for something that will sit on my desk for the entire day.

A month ago, a new opportunity has been given to me. More specifically, the chance of using one of the greatest looking mics I have ever seen. And that’s the studio series SL150 USB condenser microphone.

Disclaimer: We received the microphone on October 31st and used it till November 16th before writing the product’s review.

In the box

To start off, the product comes in a brilliant case that looks like a briefcase carrying classified CIA files – you never know.

editorskeys sl150 box

When you open up the briefcase, you will be grided with the mic itself, the cord, 34mm internal shock mount and user’s guide, all held in with acoustic foam, which can be repurposed once you’ve taken the hardware out.

Hardware: Absolute Beauty

If you are like me, then you probably love amazing looking gadgets. The SL150 microphone features a stellar aluminum build with EditorsKeys branding and a gold ring encircling it, and on the bottom you will find the plug import. The overall building quality of the mic is premium, showcasing a professional look that makes your desk look like one of BBC’s studios.

editorskeys sl150

Apart from the brushed aluminum of the mic, dual shock mounted capsules to capture audio, a blue LED that lights up the capsules, and a dual layered metal grille to protect them.

editorskeys sl150 studio light

The shock mount is covered with a metal layer and a matching grey elastic string holding it firmly. It also includes a socket thus installing it on a stand, and a fastener to adjust its height.

editorskeys sl150 side view

Something we noticed about the shock mount, is that it’s not that steady and sometimes it falls down, despite the fact that I tighten the screw firmly.

Sound: Phenomenal

Moving on, the most significant part of a microphone, is the sound quality. And for $140, it sounds great.

The sound is extremely accurate and clear — my voice was unaltered by the SL150 — simultaneously completely isolating any annoying background noise. Every other equipment I used to record it, makes it sound insufferable and chesty.

In addition, the audio produced is lash and offers great detail; the most delicate elements of the original sound those which are usually the first to disappear with other mics.

The SL150 microphone offers what is called “warm sound.” It exhibits adequate low frequencies and fundamentals relative to harmonics, and perfect bass. Smooth, easy on the ears, and not harsh.

Furthermore, make sure to put the mic into the shock mount whilst the Editors Keys logo is pointing at your chest. It’s the acoustic sweet spot.

editorskeys sl150 logo

Feel free to listen to our short audio test of the SL150 microphone as well.

Installation: Piece of Cake

[one_half]I detest installing drivers to make my mouse, Wi-Fi antenna or even mobile device to make it compatible to my computer; it’s such a painstaking process.[/one_half]


No drivers or specific software needed whatsoever.


I adored the fact that the installation procedure was a piece of cake. All I had to do is plug one edge in the mic and the other in the USB port of my computer. No drivers or specific software needed whatsoever.

editorskeys sl150 import

editorskeys sl150 usb import

Moreover, one thing I found multifunctional is the length of the actual cord, which is around three meters – 9 feet – long. I found that extremely useful when I had to place the mic on the other side of my desk, in order to use it with my laptop.

Desk Boom Stand

EditorsKeys was kind enough to send us their new stand as well.

editorskeys sl150 stand vert

A major issue with on-desk stands, like the one the Yeti has built-in, is the fact that they captivate a lot of space. The desk mount of the Boom stand can be adjusted to fit any desk, regardless of its width, and it’s incredibly easy to set up. To move it, just loose the silver screw on the bottom and carefully slide it around the edges of your desk.

editorskeys sl150 stand hori

You can lengthen the rail holding the mic, though; if it were 10cm longer, it could be more convenient. However, the height adjustment is sufficient enough for my standards. There is also an option of moving the rail left or right to have more space or to bring it closer to your mouth.

Should I buy it?

Don’t get me wrong, the microphone is tremendous. In every sector, it faired exceptionally. The price tag is definitely a bargain. Though if you are a starter, and need a microphone to record voice overs for your YouTube channel, I wouldn’t suggest forking out this amount of money. Though, if you love doing podcasts – like me — or sing or if the vast majority of your time is occupied by YouTube; in that case I don’t have anything else to recommend.

Some of you might say that I am exaggerating, but I feel suffice to state that this is by far the best mic you will currently find on the market for a hundred dollars.