Google Play Music, one of the best music-streaming app for Android, has finally landed over to the iOS platform. All the music stored on the cloud, now accessible on any Apple device, without syncing or downloading songs.

Google Play Music’s iOS debut represents a milestone for the platform. The UI seems to resemble the Android app, and the visuals are appealing and in contrast with the iOS 7.

It’s ad-free – just like iTunes Radio – and available in two versions: Standard (free access) and Unlimited ($9.99 per month). The free version of the app currently allows users to access their existing music libraries stored on Google Play Music. Users can upload up to 20,000 tracks from their personal music collection via their Mac, Windows or Linux computer, and Google Play Music will serve all the music instantly, without paying a single penny. Other free features of the app include the ability to create playlists, share music with friends and the ability to access music from iOS/Android device or a computer.


A few month, Google announced its on-demand music service “All Access” for Android and now, it comes pre-loaded on the most of Android devices. The paid-service was much anticipated at the time of launch then it’s now.

In a way, it’s similar to other music-streaming apps like Spotify or Pandora. All Access offers several unique features such as listening to millions of songs from the Google’s catalog, creating custom radio stations with any song, artist or album, the ability to skip tracks, receive suggestions based on your preferences and listen to playlists created by the team of Mountain View.

The app for iOS even lets you stream music via Bluetooth and AirPlay. However, there are some limitations due to the constraints imposed by Apple. First, it’s not possible to subscribe to All Access as it can be done through Android device. Additionally, the user can’t buy songs from within the app, but the operation must be run via a browser. The reason is quite obvious because Google doesn’t want to give 30 percent commission to Apple on in-app sales.

The app is also compatible with Chromecast (streams at 320 kbps), but doesn’t support the “I’m feeling lucky radio” that allows the creation of tracklist according to personal tastes of the users. Google has promised new features in a future release along with an optimized version for the iPad. Google Play Music for iOS is available in 21 countries.

Download: Google Play Music for iOS