Apple on Monday released iOS 7.1 to developers, a few days after the public availability of iOS 7.0.4.

The release mainly relates to UI tweaks, in addition to performance improvements. As of now, it’s not known when the update will be pushed to iDevices.

The version of iOS 7.1 (build number 11D5099e) has delivered as primarily small update, but with important improvements in the GUI. Now, in accessibility options you can always keep the comfortable black keyboard on.

It introduces a new gesture to close the apps on the iPad, as well as open informational messages – larger font size and more consistency — in the Notification Center. Similarly, those who want bold titles and labels for applications, no longer have to restart the device while toggling bold text.


In addition to UI tweaks, few elements are changed or introduced such as Yahoo’s new logo and the new renovated – gradient less – Flickr icon, an exceptional ‘auto HDR mode’ for the camera, and an option to upload ‘burst mode photos’ to Photo Stream for iPhone 5S users.


Apparently, there are also slight improvements to battery life, and the resolution of some minor security bugs. Although, you can’t evaluate the iOS 7.1 release if you don’t have a developer device registered with Apple. The Cupertino charges $99 for a year and delivers access to all dev tools as well as iOS beta software.

Being a developer, I advise you install the beta software at your own risk as it resets the iPhone ringtones and iTunes libraries – such issues to be resolved before the final release – and also makes it sluggish to load.

Moreover, iOS SDK 7.1 to developer the next-gen iOS apps released, which includes “the complete set of Xcode tools, compilers, and frameworks for creating apps for iOS and OS X.” For your information, iOS SDK 7.1 requires a Mac computer running OS X v10.8.4 (Mountain Lion) or later.