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The probability of a collision is extraordinarily low, but not impossible
For several weeks, news has been spreading that the Earth could be threatened by an asteroid that will cross the Earth’s orbit this Friday.
Even on social networks, the rumor arose that a catastrophic collision would mean “the end of the world” on May 6.
Measuring by the sidereal distances, it is true that the asteroid will “approach” the Earth’s orbit, but that does not mean that it will hit the planet.
The probability of a collision is extraordinarily low: 1 in 140 thousand. Moreover, the asteroid has a diameter of 10 to 20 meters, a smaller size than the bolide christened Chelyabinsk, which did impact Earth in February 2013.
Even if the object were to impact Earth, the damage would not be catastrophic, and in fact, the rock would likely disintegrate during atmospheric entry.
The idea that this object would be dangerous for life on Earth is due to the classification given by NASA to this asteroid with the name 2009 FJ1 as: “potentially dangerous.”
However, this classification is for all objects approaching the Earth that are less than 0.05 astronomical units, equivalent to 19.5 times the distance from the Earth to the Moon.
This Friday, 2009 FJ1 will be 30 million kilometers from Earth (0.2 astronomical units), but the uncertainty region is +/- 23 million kilometers (0.15 astronomical units), so the threshold for considering it “potentially dangerous” is very wide.
Therefore, NASA scientists considered that there is no potential risk this Friday concerning this celestial object.
By 2022 at least 52 asteroids have passed Earth within lunar distance, and many of them have been larger than 2009 FJ1.
The vast majority of asteroids are so small that they are barely detected when close to Earth’s orbit.
However, for the 2009 FJ1, NASA never issued a hazard alert, although it placed it in the top 10 hazardous objects. Eventually, it was removed from the list.
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