Microsoft’s new gaming console, Xbox One, will hit stores on November 22 along with numerous exclusive games. Windows Phone 8 users who have plans to buy can already download the SmartGlass app from the Windows Phone store, which transforms your smartphone into a remote control.

The SmartGlass app is an Xbox One companion app that allows you to interact with the console in the living room or on the road. User can control the content (games, movies, TV shows, music and apps) directly from the screen of smartphone, selecting the most recent ones or those on the foreground. Users can also set the preference to open apps side-by-side (Snap View) or full screen. Players will also be able to watch recorded clips.

In addition to the features found on the app for Xbox 360, Microsoft has included several new features including access to friends, achievements, pins, messages, and the new Xbox Live activity feed.


Gamer can pin his favorite content on the dashboard and access the content later right from the home screen. A swipe to the right opens a menu with the sections that allow you to access your account, friends list, objectives, choices, messages and settings. There’s an option that prevents your smartphone to go into standby mode when SmartGlass is running, and it clearly will affect battery life.


Although, it’s not clear yet why Microsoft preferred to release a separate app for the Xbox One, instead of updating the Xbox 360. In any case, we may see a similar version for iOS and Android in the next few days.


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