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Password Of The Day
Enter your phone number in the little box on the Password of the Day website. That’s it. That’s how you can get free accounts like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Spotify, Dashlane Premium (unironically), OnlyFans, Tinder, Hulu, a bank account with $1000 in it, Blade Airport Plus, Disney+, a verified TikTok and Classpass to name a few. But since this is a project from the known internet provocateurs at MSCHF, you know there’s a catch.
This is not a password generator, it’s a password treasure hunt. Password of the Day will text you login information for an account. You just have to figure out what the account is for. Is it for Dropbox? Grindr? Chase Bank? Amazon Prime? MSCHF is leaving it up to you to figure it out. It sounds exhausting.
I have written about MSCHF so much that I’ve stopped asking them why these projects exist and simply embraced the chaos of them. Remember MSCHF’s Word of The Day the Slack game that gave away $1,000 each day before Slack shut it down? How about the Red Line, the service that left voicemails for GOP Senators in Russian? What about M-Journal morphing Wikipedia pages into cited term papers?
Then there was ClickSwipe, the app that caused every desktop click to also right swipe on Tinder. And who can forget This Foot Does Not Exist texting creepy machine-learning generated pictures of feet?
With Password of the Day, MSCHF is once again putting forth a simple enough sounding project, that appears to carry a substantial cost to the company, all under the banner of playing Yahtzee with the denizens of the internet. Shaking things up, so to say. MSCHF has legally obtained (I asked) these logins because it created them and paid for these accounts.
Every day at noon, the Password of the Day will text out the logins to whatever phone numbers are in its database that belong to one mystery account, somewhere on the internet. First person to find it, keeps it (and should immediately change the password).
At this time, MSCHF has no timeline of how long this site will be operational, though unlike its Slack project (or the GrubHub political donation perk laundering project that got shut down in the same day) it will likely run for as long as MSCHF is willing to pay for accounts. There shouldn’t be any roadblocks (legally at least) to someone, somewhere receiving a free account login on the daily as long as it’s being paid for.
This is the world now. MSCHF is run by a generation of pranksters-for-good with apparently beefy bank accounts. It took a look at the internet that existed as it was forming into the company it is now and smartly decided that this internet it saw needed some fun infused into it. While there is always a hint of social subversion, there is the same amount of pure joy sprinkled on the digital cake.
This sentiment of sticking one’s hand in the proverbial batter of technology and sociological behavior and wiggling it around while laughing manically is apparent with every MSCHF project as well as in our own souls. We yearn for an escape from the mundane, from this internet life we’ve grown up to both love and abhor. Password of the Day exemplifies that reward-center simplicity we desperately need.


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