Samsung is all set to unveil the Samsung Galaxy S4 which will be the new flagship device of the company and also will be one of the most powerful next generation smartphones in the year 2013.
The Samsung Galaxy S3 which is the current flagship device has also been one of the most popular and best selling smartphones that the company has ever made. Just because the company now moves on to the Galaxy S4, it does not mean we all say goodbye to the Galaxy S3!

Samsung is not only planning to take over the mobile market with its new Galaxy S4 but also working hard to bring out an updated model of the Galaxy S3. This update in the Galaxy S3 is not only with respect to operating system, and software as the company plans to actually upgrade the Galaxy S3 entirely!

So we will soon get to see a totally revamped version of the Samsung Galaxy S3 which will have an even better display resolution and pixel density, better battery, wireless charging and many more new features. Samsung has already done something like this before, but for the Galaxy S3 it will be at a totally different level. To give you an example to which you can relate this scenario, Samsung launched the Galaxy S2 and then launched the Galaxy S2 Plus some time later. The Galaxy S2 Plus was better than the Galaxy S2. A similar upgrade will soon happen to the Galaxy S3.

Eldar Murtazin, a popular journalist gave out a few details about this upgrade on Twitter. He confirmed that Samsung will soon introduce us with the refreshed version of Galaxy S3. Eldar happens to be the same person who correctly predicted the release date and venue of the Samsung Galaxy S4. So if he is confident about this new Galaxy S3, then we expect to see this new device very soon.