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Google gifts the official YouTube app to Xbox One


Earlier this month, Microsoft announced a list of apps, which would come pre-packed with Xbox One, and it was fixed until the last night surprise that just came before the launch: YouTube app.

Google in a surprise announcement unveiled YouTube app for Xbox one. The app gives access to the huge catalog of video directly from the dashboard of the console, without using Internet Explorer. While, you have to use the browser — at least initially — on the PS4.

We all are aware of famous YouTube and Microsoft’s rowdy relation; nonetheless, Google has chosen to support the Xbox One because the console has a far greater success of Windows Phone 8.

YouTube harnesses the power of Xbox One for video playback streaming at 1080p, according to the post on the official blog, but the console can also handle 4K videos and its other features. Users can easily find and play video (play, pause, fast forward, etc.) It can be controlled just by saying “YouTube” and commands like play, pause and fast forward will instantly pop-up on screen. The sensor also recognizes the gestures for navigation and selection of videos.


The user can stay updated on the latest news through subscriptions to the channels, direct access to sections like Games, Music, Sports, TV shows and most popular videos. It also supports YouTube pairing so that users can send videos to the console using Android and iOS devices.

Earlier, when Microsoft launched the YouTube app for Windows Phone 8, Google blocked it with a notice of violation of Terms of Service. And, the launch of app can be seen as a bridge between companies to grow further.

Currently, YouTube will be launched along with Xbox One in all countries except Austria, Ireland, and New Zealand. The Xbox and YouTube team will work together to add more features in the future, including support for the Snap View.

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