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The Dogefather: After his interest in 'Dogecoin', Elon Musk wants to adopt a Shiba Inu puppy – Times Now


It is a popularly known fact that Space X and Tesla CEO Elon Musk has shown a lot of interest in a new cryptocurrency ‘Dogecoin’. This was inspired by the famous meme that was the face of a Japanese dog breed named Shiba Inu. 
Now, he is interested in adopting a puppy that has sparked a lot of reactions online. 
All of this started with a tweet that was made by a man named Hiro Mizuno who shared the picture of the adorable dog peering out of the window. 
Here is the photo
shiba inu 1(Image Credits: Twitter)
“Fine if investors want to trade Shiba coins for short term. But don’t even think of doing the same with Shiba dogs. Once you adopt, you must keep them well through their lives. They are lovely creatures and friends of humans,” the tweet said.
Soon after, Musk commented under the tweet saying, “I’m looking for a Shiba pup.”
Screenshot 6409
For obvious reasons, the tweet created a lot of stir online. The term ‘dogefather’ started trending on Twitter as netizens took to the comments section and called him a ‘doge parent’ for wanting to adopt the dog. 
“Wow, so you’ll actually become a dogefather. Can’t wait to see this pup. I am sure it will break the internet,” one user said, further adding that dogs rock. 
Screenshot 6411
Some even suggested names to give the puppy. One user asked him to name it ‘Hachi.’
Screenshot 6414
Screenshot 6415
Along with this, many even shared leads about adopting the puppy. Indeed, the internet cannot wait to see when Musk finally adopts the pup. 


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