The Motorola X Phone has been rumored as the new flagship device from the company and one of the most anticipated next generation smartphones of the year. Even though Motorola has not given any specific update regarding its next generation smartphone, we believe we have something interesting here.

Recently, new images and videos of an unknown Motorola smartphone have appeared on Tinh tế. This new smartphone could actually be the next generation flagship device of Motorola which has been in the rumors since some time now.

Considering the comments Google made about the upcoming Motorola devices, we doubt if this particular device actually is the Motorola X Phone. Google once said that the 720p AMOLED display is not going to amaze anyone and the company expects a lot more from the X Phone. Google also said that it feels that the upcoming Motorola devices are not up to the standards that it had expected.

To be honest, this new smartphone does not look smart, cool or different in any way whatsoever. Even if this device is one of the prototypes that Motorola seem to be working on, we are quite sure that it is not the X Phone. This device seems more like a standard smartphone with a powerful hardware configuration and a high resolution display which has become totally common in the mobile market today.

There are two factors that indicate that this is a new smartphone that Motorola is working on. The smartphone has the words ‘MOTOROLA CONFIDENTIAL PROPERTY’ at the bottom of the front side and also has the ‘MOTOROLA M LOGO’ on the top left side. The device has a very slim bezel and appears to be light in weight and compact.


The Android operating system also seems to be stock and what we see on the main screen seem to be standard Motorola Widgets. We would suggest that you do not expect a lot from this unknown smartphone till the time there is more information about the same given out by Motorola itself.