The highly-anticipated new console from Microsoft, Xbox One, finally released worldwide. After a long wait, starting today gamers can buy the console and its video games in all major electronics chains and outlets including Amazon and the Microsoft Store.

With the launch of Xbox One, Microsoft has started shipping pre-ordered consoles, booked via online or retail stores. With the great and expected success of online bookings, shipments will be carried out in stages with priority to those who had placed the order first, and availability on the retail outlets will probably be limited where the priority will be given to those who had already booked.


So it’s advised to all those who are going to buy the new Xbox One today, to go to stores; because sooner or later the current stock could also end. With the arrival of the successive stock, however, deliveries and availability on stores should be regularized.

To those who aren’t buying the new console now, the advice is to be patient and not to fall into the traps of speculators that tomorrow could start flooding the online auction sites like eBay with Xbox One but at a very high price. It should be recalled that Xbox One costs $499 and that the package contains the console, a controller, and the new Kinect.

Besides aforementioned opportunists, some scams as competition are running high on the social networks, taking advantage of high demand for the console. Beware of liking the pages and giving privileges to web apps that could exploit your profile for scams.

Xbox One is born to go beyond the simple concept of the classic console. In fact, Microsoft wanted to create a product that not only offers maximum user experience in video games, offering services such as video calling with Skype, access to the web with Internet Explorer and the use of multimedia content such as movies and music with apps like YouTube. In addition, the vastly improved Kinect sensor is now able to explore more movements of the players – closely – and handles up to 6 people at once.

To all those who had managed to buy the Xbox One, the exhortation is one: have fun!


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