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Samsung Galaxy S22 is the world’s first smartphone to support voice over 5G (Vo5G): Report – gizmochina


Samsung Galaxy S22 series smartphones including the S22+ and S22 Ultra are now the world’s first phones to support Voice over 5G (Vo5G). Zain, a Kuwaiti mobile telecommunications company, recently announced the launch of the first voice over 5G services, and currently, it is only supported in the Galaxy S22 series of smartphones.
While 5G Internet services have started to become a new normal, 5G voice calls are still pretty rare. In fact, Zain is the first telecom operator globally to launch Vo5G services with nationwide coverage in Kuwait (Via Telecompaper). However, the service is only available for customers who own one of the new Samsung Galaxy S22 smartphones. It is expected to reach other 5G handsets very soon.
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5G voice comes with many benefits including Improved speech and video calling quality, new voice and communication services, Simultaneous voice calls, and 5G data services.
Zain says that the commercial launch of this service comes after thorough testing to determine the network’s readiness and technical capability to provide this service at the highest level across the country.
In other news, Samsung became the leading tablet vendor in the Indian tablet market in the first quarter ending March 2022. The company witnessed a huge increase in sales. It accounted for 40% of total tablet shipment volumes in India during the quarter. The company was also able to ship a large number of Galaxy A8 series tablets, as well as the premium Galaxy Tab S8 series, which was launched in March of this year.



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