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If you’re thinking of updating your Instagram bio to something a bit more interesting than your partner’s name with a love heart emoji, then here’s your sign to put your pronouns in your bio instead.
Many people have been adding She/Her, He/Him, They/Them into their Instagram bios, and on emails, and you may want to consider joining them.
Read on to find out what the meaning behind She/Her in a Instagram bio is!
Pronouns are simply words used to let people know what you identify as. The most commonly used pronouns are He/Him, She/Her, and They/Them. If you are cisgender, you may not see it as significant to declare your pronouns but it shows that you stand with LGBTQ+ people in making it a norm to declare your pronouns. Therefore the more cisgender allies declaring their pronouns, the more it normalises the practice of asking pronouns and not assuming gender.
Many transgender and non-binary people list their pronouns in their bios on social media to avoid being misgendered by others. Though it is encouraged for people to share their pronouns, only do so if you feel safe and comfortable, don’t feel pressured to.
Displaying your pronouns can help end gendered assumptions and instead will promote sharing of pronouns being the norm. If people put their pronouns next to their name on their Zoom or Teams meetings it can help avoid the misgendering of a person.
Although if you do find yourself in a situation where you don’t know someones preferred pronouns, and you don’t feel comfortable asking them then you should use They/Them, as it’s gender natural. People’s pronouns cannot be assumed just from appearance so be sure to ask.
Users should share their pronouns to make sharing pronouns part of regular conversation and will build a more inclusive society. Instagram bios are a great way to put this into practice, for example, as a cisgender woman, I go by She/Her meaning my gender identity matches the gender I was assigned at birth.
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