Instagram is looking to expand its community of users further. After introducing the ability to upload videos in addition to photos, the popular photo sharing service is reportedly preparing to launch a new private messaging before 2014.

According to close sources to GigaOm, Instagram may push a major update to its app, introducing not only private messaging but also group chat. We still don’t any – confirmed — details about the feature, but some anonymous sources who declare themselves aware of the business plans that it could get seamless integration of Facebook chat, which will further expand its community of 150 million users in September.

Instagram team – acquired by Facebook – may want to make Instagram-like Snapchat with ability to comment on the photos and videos to have light discussions between users, and it would benefit everyone thanks to the privacy of the social network.

The update is likely to arrive by year end, and it makes perfect sense as the holiday season is just around the corner and smartphones will be chosen-one among the gifts. And so is Instagram. However, an Instagram spokesman has refused to comment on the rumor.

Instagram has long been known for its photo sharing service and, more recently, 15-sec short-form videos, but it has lagged as a way to message other individuals directly. So, the move by dev team will surely make it alive with “a layer of communication.”

Recently, Instagram scaled its presence to Windows Phone. The app is a beta because it has some shortcomings compared with its iOS and Android versions.