Samsung’s Galaxy S5 rumors have started spreading shortly after the launch of the current generation of Galaxy Note. A recent rumor has really caught the attention of the public. Images of metallic shell shaped for a possible Galaxy S5 have been leaked, causing a stir in the Galaxy community. The big question is, “Will Samsung finally move out from its classic plastic design?”

The photo had been released by, claiming that it could be for the S4 successor. The measurements of the frame are 143.8 x 72.3mm and the Galaxy S4’s are 136.6 x 69.8mm, making this frame slightly bigger than the one on the S4. From this frame, if it’s a real photo, we can see many changes that will be made on the Galaxy S5. First off, the screen will most likely be bigger, as the measurements of the frame are bigger, the position of the camera has changed from the center of the top, to very top right corner, also the audio jack has moved to the bottom right. According to this picture it seems like Samsung will stick to micro-USB, but it’s unlikely to advance to USB 3.0.

Many phones have moved away from plastic as users tend to prefer glass and metal from plastic, it feels more genuine. The Nexus and HTC phones are great examples of previous plastic phones that moved away. It would be great to see Samsung’s Galaxy series, one of the best-selling product lines in today’s market, to also move away from plastic. If the leaked picture shows a real frame of the Galaxy S5, we may finally see Samsung make this move.

Yet all this isn’t enough evidence to prove the Galaxy S5 will have a metallic exterior. The picture only shows an interior frame, and Samsung might cover it up with plastic material on the outside. The outside coating is what we will really see, but if the leak is real, the chances of the metallic material used for the S5’s exterior will likely arise. Also, there are possibilities that the frame is meant for other phones under the Samsung brand. The fact that the camera is in the top-right corner is a key sign of this possibility. Many sources claim that this could be for the Galaxy F series. So if you’re a Galaxy S fan, don’t get your hopes too high.

The only true way of checking, if it’s really for the Galaxy S5, is to wait for the official announcement. Over this course we can also expect to see many new and interesting rumors and news on the Galaxy S4’s successor.