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Social media is all about curating the brand. We’ve all become little marketing departments, shaping our image in the public imagination. Whether it’s how we look, what we think, who we’re voting for or where we go, our Instagram feeds tell other people how they should feel about us. And if you’re a Christian, you also want people to know that too. Why wouldn’t you? It’s an important part of your life.
But it’s not enough to say “Christian,” is it? There’s no flavor there. No mystery. No, you’ve got to let people know you’re a Christian but you’re a certain kind of Christian. You could just say “Anglican” or “Baptist,” but even that feels a little straightforward.
No, you want to tell people that you’re a Christian with flare. Here are a few of the most popular ways to do it along with, well, what it actually says about you.
Amy Grant and dcTalk have aged like wine.

And still trying to capture that Velvet Elvis high.
Filler of more journals than you could ever count.
Reality TV, New Girl reruns and viral videos of unlikely animal friendships are your close second favorites.
…who gets God’s marching orders from cable news
Don’t forget “walk humbly!”
Welcome to the world’s wildest petting zoo.
Easy there, Bob Dylan.
*Listens to Kanye once*
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