Twitter has showed generosity to new Windows Runtime platform and has released Twitter app for Windows 8 and Windows RT. The Twitter’s official app is now available on Windows 8 Store in 22 languages.

A quick scan of features reveals the client app looks very similar to the official app for Windows Phone 8 and embraces all of features like – timeline, connect, discover and me tabs and offers a great way to share and search within Twitter leveraging Windows 8 charms.

The app supports Snap view, allowing to view Twitter stream while watching videos or browsing Internet. Just like other unofficial Twitter apps, it runs in the background and show quick status and notifications on the lock screen.

This is it what we expect from Twitter, but perceptions are different from reality. Users have reported that the app is a resource hog and eats a lot memory increasingly, grinds everything to a halt and finally ends up with crash.

To conclude a resource usage test, we installed the app on a clean system. The installation just went smoothly and completed within a minute. Soon after the first run and the authorization, the app stuck noticeably.

Here is a screenshot of the extreme memory usage by Twitter for Windows (The results may vary on different systems.)

twitter memory hog

Hence it seems like some major tweaks are coming soon. Though the app is simple and easy to use and could be the first choice for end users, but power users still would love to go with third-party apps featuring multiple accounts and acclaimed performance like tweeTRO.