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We’ll have our review of the iPhone SE soon, but we can already tell you there’s not much new with it. It has the same design as the old model, the same chip as the iPhone 13, and the same camera hardware as the iPhone 7. But there’s one thing you can’t get on any other phone: Those cool new wallpapers.
Designed to match the new iPhone SE’s colors—midnight, starlight, and red—the wallpapers feature a gradient that blends light and dark colors in vertical strips that form an “X.” They’re quite nice and would look great on any iPhone screen, not just the tiny iPhone SE. They even do a nice job of hiding the notch, which the iPhone SE doesn’t have.
Over at 9to5Mac, they’ve extracted the files from iPhone SE’s firmware, and you can download the new wallpaper for yourself no matter which iPhone you have. To get them, you’ll need to open the full-size images, long-press or right-click, and save them to the Photos app. Then, go to Settings on your iPhone, tap Wallpaper, and Choose a New Wallpaper to select it from your photo library.
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