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Cian Twomey – mciantwomey on instagram – is a comedian and radio presenter who has garnered a massive following for his sketches on instagram.
Phil Healy runs so fast she appears to fly in her new trainers.
Did you ever wonder how to make Dandelion Tea – well head to an_bhean_feasa and find out and discover its health-giving qualities.
Lisa Jordan promotes her own brands of haircare, make up and clothing on her profile.
Cáirde,a dance troupe based in Clare, has taken its edgy brand of Irish dancing all over the world and garnered millions of views on its Instagram profile.
Cork City hair salon owner Sabrina Hill gives gudiance about fashion and hair on her instagram profile.
Concubhar Ó Liatháin
June 06 2022 04:42 PM
AFTER seeking an introduction to the world of Cork instagrame, I now know what the Alice must have felt when she tumbled through the looking glass to the weird world of wonderland.
There may be a mad hatter or two about but here in a random selection of Cork ‘insta’ stars, you can find experts and influencers on many subjects.
While those who are called ‘social media influencers’ get what could be termed a bad press, it’s worth pointing out that a random selection of 10 Cork based insta influencers have between them a combined total of well over 1 million followers. So when traditional media organs pour scorn on the social media, envy could be cited as one of the influencing factors.
Cian Twomey, who is accessible at mrciantwomey, is a Cork comedian who, as he says himself is ‘ content creator/sketch artist who really wants to be a rapper all of a sudden’. He has 878,000 followers on the platform which is enough to guarantee him a substantial income.
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Parents who are concerned about the time their teenagers are spending playing video games won’t like to – or may be comforted to – hear that Cian started off as a video gamer and picked up editing skills while learning to appreciate that he wasn’t going to be an e-sports world champion soon. So he turned his hand to comedy, inventing a character called ‘Nana Emily’ based on his grandmother and another based on his mother. His grandmother passed away and so he retired Nana Emily but not so long afterwards he met his now fiancé (on Tinder), coinicidentally called Emily, and, on her suggestion, created another character called Emily. As he says himself, this character though portrayed as his girlfriend only shares a name with his real girlfriend. They have been engaged since November so their relationship seems to be thriving despite the obvious risk factors.
Normally instagram influencers generate income through product endorsement and, in some cases, they end up developing their own product line.
There are a number of influencers who, while giving their followers advice on hair, beauty and style as well as other consumables, also talk about products which can be taken as promotion if not outright advertising.
Lisa Jordan – justjordan.ie on instagram – has 259k followers and is the creator of beauty brands such as @lunabylisa and lunahaircare. She is also a presenter on Red FM and an ‘Audi Ambassador’. A quick look around her profile and there’s alot of shopping and trying on of clothes. Not my style, to say the least.
Cáirde, which features Castlelyons hurler Seamus Morrison, is a dance troupe of seven Irish dancers, has 420,000 followers on Instagram and posted 242 times, mostly videos of the group dancing at spectacular locations such as the Cliffs of Moher.
Last year the group featured on the ABC’s main morning show, Good Morning America, on St Patrick’s Day. Some of their posts on TikTok have garnered several million views. How this translates into income is difficult to grasp at times but their heightened profile leads to opportunities and they have the potential to generate revenue.
The owner of the city centre hair salon, Kopper, Sabrina Hill has garnered a following of 102,000 with her posts on hair, fashion and lifestyle and she also contrbitues to Virgin Media TV and ITV programmes and gets to drive around in a top of the range Mercedes as she is a brand ambassador for a Cork based car sales company for Mercedes.
William Murray is an artist and one half of the Currabinny Cooks combo with James Kavanagh and his timeline is replete with dishes he’s about to eat or has just cooked or his own sketches. With a following of 22,000, he and his partner share recipes on their website and have expressehomd their intention to open their own cafe at some stage.
Healing is another theme which is explored by Instagrammers and one Cork based woman, Cáit Ní Fhuaráin, has launched a page, an_bhean_feasa, the wise woman, in which she shares homeopathic ideas and tips. Cáit, who recently was a finalist in the Cork Rose contest, is studying homeopathy with the intention of becoming a licenced Homeopathich Practicitioner. Among the useful posts on her timeline is a video on how to make Dandelion Tea. But there’s plenty more besides to be found on the timeline of An Bhean Feasa.
Another woman on Instagram with a healthy emphasis is Bandon sprinter Phil Healy (phil_healy) who is one of our brignd htest hopes as we look ahead the Paris Olympics in 2024. Phil is a busy woman and has partnerships with the likes of LifeStyle Sports Women and other. Obviously her emphasis is sport and health and she was recently involved in a competition to find Ireland’s fittest school – it’s in Dunfanaghy, Co. Donegal if you want to know.
Like other social media platforms, there’s very little you can’t find on Instagram. Virtually all life is here.
Cork has a substantial presence on the platform and influencers from the county are garnering a substantial following.
Naturally enough people want to sell you stuff and make a livelihood – they’re not doing this entirely for the good of your health, but also for the good of their wealth!

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