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Did you know: you can record a video with a song playing in the background on Apple Music or Spotify right on your iPhone? Yup, you can.
Launch the Camera app on your iPhone with any song playing in the background, switch over to Video and the song pauses instantly. This is what we are used to. But wait, it gets better; what if I told you that is not the case at all and you can record video with a song playing in the background? It’s possible and something which we’re certain Apple is going to patch up with a near future update once it goes viral. Here’s how it works.
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Step 1. First and foremost, play a song using either Apple Music, Spotify or any streaming service that you use.
Step 2. Now launch the Camera app and make sure you are in Photo mode. At this point, the song is still playing in the background and it hasn’t paused. But it will pause the moment you switch over to Video. So don’t switch at all. Stay in Photo mode.
select Photo mode in Camera app
Step 3. Now press and hold the shutter button and drag it to the right and it will start recording a video and the song will keep on playing in the background.
Swipe shutter button to the right Camera app
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Step 4. You can press on the recording button to stop the iPhone from recording video.
Go to the Photos app to playback the video you just recorded and you can hear the song which was playing in the background as well, just like magic.
Remember, this is likely a bug which Apple is going to patch up. So far, this has gone unnoticed. But once it gets enough traction, Apple will likely kill the hack with a small update to iOS. Before that happens, it’s best you enjoy the heck out of this feature and share it with everyone you know as well.
Even if Apple does get rid of this ‘feature’ you can always use a video editing app on the iPhone to add your own music to the background. But we all know how much of a chore that is. No one wants to take the route of editing videos no matter how simple it becomes. But this hack takes convenience to a whole another level.
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