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GTA San Andreas coming to iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Amazon Kindle in December


Like last year with the launch of GTA III for iOS and Android, Rockstar will be launching one of the most significant and top-selling titles of the franchise for mobile platforms.

This time though, the game will be available for Amazon’s Kindle tablets as well as Windows Phone, and Rockstar has promised a lot of enhancements in terms of graphics and gameplay.

According to the company, the particular version of the game will be the best looking version of San Andreas. Moreover, the game has been remade from scratch thus being completely mobile friendly; integrated controlling system whilst driving or wandering, and there will be three different schemes for driving. In addition to that, some of the buttons will disappear when not needed in order not to captivate useful screen space. Rockstar is revising the checkpoint system so it will be easier to progress through the game.

Furthermore, since the vast majority of GTA players rock the game on a console, the mobile version will be compatible with third party controllers, such as the Logitech PowerShell and the Moga Ace Power which are made specifically for iOS 7 on the iPhone and iPod touch.


It’s quite exciting to see such titles to hit the mobile app stores that feature so intensive graphics because the user will be finally able to make use of powerful mobile GPUs. Rockstar’s strategy might induce other famous game developers to follow suit as well. The game maker hasn’t confirmed anything about pricing yet, though we believe it will retail for around six to ten US dollars.

San Andreas was announced back in 2004 for PS2 – feel old yet — hence it will be fascinating to go through one of the best campaigns in the industry, with advanced graphics while using our fingertips. So here comes December, let’s be patient and keep checking respective mobile app stores.

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