While the Google’s executives had plenty of things to say about the patents, calling them rubbish, specifically for software patents, accusing them of being bogus, and low rated; the search engine giant has reportedly been accumulating more of these patents now, than they ever had.

According to the US patent and trademark office, Google has indeed been working really hard to win over patents using its own creative ideas. In doing so it has strategized itself to such an extent that, presently, Google inventors, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, win about 10 patents on an average per day. The desperate patent seekers happened to cover almost everything right from programmed cars to balloon based data networks.

So what makes Google seem so desperate for patents? The answer is simple. Google if focused upon having the world’s largest patent portfolios. At the pace at which Google is winning patents, it won’t come as a surprise if the company makes it to the top 10 patent recipients, positioned ahead of Intel and General Electric.

In order to defend Android, the most famous smartphone software which activates about 1.5 million phones each day, Google is in urgent need of patents.

Although publicly Google persists to scorn the reasonable patent claims, the company’s lawyer, David Drummond says that it takes roughly 2,50,000 patents to cover a conventional smartphone. Google had probably recognized the importance of the whole patent game and decided to play it seriously this time. With the launch of Apple’s iPhone which entered the market with a bang and shook the statistics, that Google had realized how weak it’s position was likely to become. The phone came along with a bunch of patents to defend the entire device, from the rounded corners to the frequently used home button.

Being defensive, Google has indeed made its position clear in the game. However, the company’s decision to support the patent reform legislation, could make the task of winning more software patents and use them in court difficult.

Translating what exactly Google’s increasing need for patent means remains obscure. However speculations running over the internet include, that the company is likely to invent highly valuable technology and that it will launch more products that will change the user experience forever. Some others say that the company has been hit by such a disaster that the circumstances have driven it to become one of those companies that it once truly loathed. Spending money and time on legal tactics is certainly not the Google style. However, only time will tell what’s in the company’s mind.