After the blunders made by OS X Mavericks and iOS7 upgrades, Apple has certainly learnt its lessons and has chosen to delay the launch of its products. The long-awaited iWatch seems to have taken over the back seat as Apple focuses its resources on the launch of the new iPad with a huge retina display.

The Cupertino, known for its meticulous ways, is now desperately trying to save its image, as the most recent launches unconsciously attempted to sabotage it. Apple seems to have adopted the moral of the phrase, slow and steady wins the race.

While the internet was bombarded by rumors about the launch of Apple’s iWatch, speculations regarding the iPad with a larger screen were also being made. According to the recent rumors, the large screen iPad is likely to make its debut before the highly-anticipated iWatch.

However, as per the internet rumors, iWatch is a wristwatch-like – wearable — device made out of a curved glass. The watch device was supposed to be operating on iOS.

ipad laptop

Since the release of iWatch is uncertain at the moment, the new 12.9-inch iPad with a retina display has much more to talk about. Quanta, the largest notebook ODM Company in the world, asserts that it will be producing the large iPad. Besides, there’re other rumors that suggest that Apple plans on developing a tablet-notebook (2-in-1) device.

It has been nearly two weeks since Apple launched the 7.9-inch iPad mini, which originally came out with an ordinary display. However, after constant criticism, the company released the second-gen iPad mini with Retina display, powered by an A7 chip.

Although no official details have been given out regarding the huge screened iPad. It’s likely to launch next year, rumor has it that the nearly 13-inch iPad Max will be coming with an Ultra HD — 4K video –quality. As of now, the technology is only available in some selective, extremely expensive, and huge screen television sets and computer monitors.

In spite of no release date or specifications officially being announced by Apple and simply on the basis of mere speculations, the large-screened tablet is stirring excitement and agitation amongst millions of Apple fans, lovers and loyalists across the globe.

Source: PC-Tablet.Com