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PlayStation 4 vs Xbox One: Sony led by 100,000 units sold in UK

The PlayStation 4, which was originally announced by Sony at the start of this year, launching globally on November 15th, has become the fastest-selling console in UK history, with 250,000 units already sold.

This can only mean that obsessive gamers here in Blighty (Britain’s nickname spanning back to World War I), are trying to get their hands on the much anticipated games console, despite the Xbox One already being on sale – Sony has obviously still got the power to impress people and create healthy sales statistics and profit in the same process.

This isn’t the first time that Sony has been awarded with such a record, as they have managed to scoop up record-breaking sales stats before, with the original PSP racking in an impressive ‘185,000 units sold’ title when it was launched back in 2005.

It’s interesting, because Microsoft has had plenty of success with its Xbox One as well, however compared to the PS4 selling at 250,000 units during launch weekend, the Xbox One looks so unpopular at only 150,000 units sold in the UK. Looks like Microsoft needs to buck up its game otherwise they could end up falling into a reluctant state of depression.

The successful console has even pushed its popular predecessor, the PS3, out of the ring, as it now becomes the third most ‘sold’ console of all time, which when getting the history books out, states that when it went on sale back in 2007, it was sold to 165,000 gamers who were then hungry for the latest gaming tech – feeble when compared to the new PS4 which offers up a semi-custom 8-core AMD CPU and a 500GB hard-drive.

Now, selling 250,000 units in just 48 hours is very impressive, it really is – but it seems that Sony has been struggling to meet the demand of customers trying to connect to the renowned PlayStation Network (PSN). Apparently, customers have been getting error messages stating that they can’t connect to the server, which Sony has apologized over, explaining that they’ve had problems due to heavy traffic. It’s quite similar to situations that iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch users have experienced upon a new release of iOS. But at least that has now been sorted.

Sony should honestly be very proud of this accomplishment, as it’s certainly not easy in an already crowded market with mobile tech proving to be a huge danger point for the future of console-based gaming. As well as this, the world is currently in a mess in terms of economy, yet people can still manage to spend hundreds on a premium gaming setup. What can you say? They’re obviously good at what they do and always have been. Will certainly be interesting when the PS5 is announced.

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