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With hardly a month’s rest, the owners of PlayStation 4 have faced a hack which can lead to immense chaos and damage. Reckz0r, the famous online hacker, who in the past hacked MasterCard and Visa, has this time managed to create enough damage to PlayStation 4.

Taking a year off from the hacking world, Rexkz0r finally returned to hack PlayStation in order to play pirated games. He also published a step by step instructions to jailbreak PlayStation online.

Despite the fact that the world famous hacker doesn’t take the credit for the discovering of the vulnerability, he agrees that he’s the one behind the published jailbreak tutorial.

A conversation between the hacker and Sony had taken place via the Direct Messaging on Twitter. Reckz0r had tweeted a screenshot of the conversation between him and the official PlayStation twitter account. He further tweeted “Looks like these guys at Sony got angry about their console getting screwed over in just 5 days”


Sony, in a fit of anger, has already started to give out warnings to the hacker. The company has given him the time period of up to a day to resolve the damage. Asking Reckz0r to delete the Pastebin link along with the files he has possibly uploaded elsewhere, the PlayStation company has also threatened him to getting him arrested in case if he continues to spread the jailbreak.

However, the hacker responded in a rather vulgar way, not taking the humorless threats very seriously.

Sony has made its anger very evident in its message to the hacker and may take extensive measures to restore the damage.

In an experiment conducted by Extremetech, another area of hacking which can exploit Sony’s console is the facial recognition feature of the PlayStation.

The users must be conscious about this specific feature. The PS4 was exposed to an Iron Man mask. As a surprise, it did recognize the mask. When a portrait of a PS4 user was displayed to the PlayStation in a Microsoft Surface tab by dimming the brightness, the device recognized the face without any hindrance.

If the PS4 camera can recognize a picture and give access, anybody can use this to their advantage and hack through the PlayStation causing grave destruction. However, Sony had previously alerted its users that the facial recognition feature is just for convenience and not for safety measures.


  1. Why is Sony bringing up Geohotz? Don’t they remember all the attacks that happened when they got arrogant? Is Sony really planning to go down that road again?

    Just let consumers do what they want with the product THEY bought.

  2. It sounds like Sony might want to hire some of these hackers instead of sending them threats. They’re gonna hack the system, for their entertainment and the challenge, putting the console in there hands and paying them to find the exploits so they can be fixed would be a much better way to resolve these issues. Threats will just make them work harder to find better exploits.

  3. I’m sure I read this about three weeks ago, and the “hack” turned out to be utterly false. Seems Rexkz0r just wants some publicity. . . .

  4. Good research on this one, it was proven to be fake already, along with the twitter chat being fake (over 140 characters). No jailbreak exists yet.

  5. Cmon people stop being so stupid ! it is a LEGIT hack that is the reason Sony had contacted him ! otherwise sony wouldnt even look at his hack or anything

  6. I thought dark alex and all origionals dissapeared along with tsh after. psp… owell sony dont have a chance etherway. it will b same as there psps the online will b doomed lol


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