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Apple prepping 12.9-inch iPad Pro with 2K and 4K displays


Whilst the majority of customers are extremely happy with their new iPad Air and its Retina display, it’s fair to say that the resolution just isn’t high enough when compared to tablets such as the Kindle Fire HDX, which has received a lot of praise in that sense.

It’s being said that Apple is working on a 12.9- inch iPad Pro that will push its current iPad Air right out of the water in terms of resolution – meaning that Amazon may be on top at this moment in time, but they could end up having a huge fight on their hands.

We just learnt from the Chinese news site, Pad News that Apple is currently thought to be working on 2K and 4K displays, supposedly for the upcoming iPad Pro.

Apparently, Apple’s supplier, Foxconn, has a 12.9- inch iPad Pro with a 2K resolution currently in the form of a prototype, with full production supposedly not too far around the corner.


If Apple was to provide the so-called “iPad Pro” with a 4K display, then it’ll likely come with a 4096 x 3072 resolution that’ll definitely be a big kick in the face for Amazon – blimey, it’s higher than the resolution of a high-end 4K Ultra HD television! Can you imagine what the video quality would be like? You’ll be watching an episode of the X- Factor as if you were in outer-space.

Now, if the iPad Pro did arrive with this sort of display and resolution, then it’ll be a lot better than the current iPad Air, which sports a 2048 x 1536 pixel display with 264 pixels per inch.

Sadly, whilst this all sounds very exciting and backed up by plenty of evidence, we need to think of the reality of the situation: for one, we know what Apple is like – crazy rumors never turn out to be true. But in saying that, we shouldn’t be too negative, either. Let’s just wait and see.

Early 2014 is said to be when we will see the iPad Pro announced, which doesn’t look that convincing at this moment in time. And the 4K model probably won’t launch until a later date.

Still, the news is exciting, and Apple would definitely benefit from another iPad model – especially with a brighter display! It will be very dangerous for the competition though as Apple has always been known for wowing people and stealing customers from competing companies. Because of this, known tech giants like Google and Amazon will need to work harder again.

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