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Samsung patents new alterable interface for the Galaxy Note devices


Ever heard of a phone that can adjust its interface to match its owner’s thumb reach? For all the massive handset users, who find it very difficult to navigate with just one hand, Samsung has some really good news. In its attempt to create a “comfort zone” the South Korean manufacturer has found a solution for all its Note 3 users.

A patent, which was filed on May 21st but not published until November 28th, would possibly change the basic style of navigation on the large-screened Samsung phablets.

While most people would struggle to crawl their thumb to the upper end of their enormous device to choose an option using only one hand, the Note 3 owners have the option to shrink and position the user interface according to his/her own convenience.

In order to activate such alterable interface, under settings an option mentioned “One-hand operation” popular as the Tiny Screen mode may appear. On selection of this option, the screen shrinks down to as small as a 3.5-inch window, which can be flexibly moved according to the user’s convenience.


On the 5.7-inch Galaxy Note 3 display, this feature is a must have. As per the patent application, the new feature is basically an overall redo of the phone-cum- tablet’s user interface. Besides, it’s based on the arch formed by the user’s thumb while swiping from the bottom-end of the device.

For typing convenience, not only the Samsung keyboard shifts closer to either edges of the screen, but it also adjusts its angle in accordance with the thumb’s comfort. The same formula of re-positioning and angling to set right for the thumb’s arch is used for menu options and video playback controls.


With the auto-sensing feature of Samsung, the software can determine where exactly the icons must be positioned for better access by the user. Presently, it can be done only manually, however, an automatic realignment may be on its way.

Although, the introduction of new feature is helpful, the fact that almost half the screen remains blank is a major let down for most users. The justified excitement for controlling the user interface lasted only for some time as most people would prefer retrieving back to their normal full size screen. However, such a feature is helpful for those with small palms.

Comfort zone, may ultimately provide enough comfort, however it’s yet to be disclosed as to whether it’s applicable for apps which aren’t controlled by Samsung’s interface.

Samsung took a huge step towards improvising its user friendly devices. However, whether an adjustable user interface would be liked by the users remains a mystery. All said and done, with this new development, Samsung ‘s Galaxy S series, Galaxy Note, and Galaxy Mega are at a great advantage.

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