The Swedish biometrics firm, Fingerprint Cards anticipated that several smartphone manufacturers — in 2014 — would launch their flagships equipped with a fingerprint reader, including Samsung that could introduce at least one or two devices. And, the objective is to follow what has been done by Apple with the iPhone 5S.

As we all know that iPhone 5S is the first mobile phone, which is equipped with a sensor for fingerprint reading, developed by AuthenTec—a startup acquired by the Cupertino.

In the wake of this, Fingerprint Cards believed to sell their tactile sensors to other major smartphone manufacturers such as Samsung, Huawei and LG. “I think at least seven or eight will launch a phone with a touch sensor in 2014,” Johan Carlstrom, Fingerprint’s Chief Executive Officer, told Reuters in an interview on Wednesday.

However, Carlstrom gave no further details on which device and how Samsung will inherit this technology, but one could assume that the Galaxy S5 and Note 4 are the most likely candidates to arrive on the market with fingerprint sensor.

However, in September, Samsung had already claimed that they wouldn’t follow Apple’s footsteps and adopt sensors for fingerprints in their devices.

“Samsung is well known for having multiple suppliers for most components, and our goal is to be selected as one of their sensor suppliers already in 2014,” he added.

Fingerprint Cards has already partnered with Fujitsu, Pantech and Konka, and also announced new sensors for devices based on Android and Windows. Moreover, the Swedish firm also expects to secure about 60% of market share for touch sensors in 2014 and 2015, excluding iPhones.


  1. Finger print reader is a must for Samsung in 2014, they could have been first in 2013, but they like the foot dragging. Incremental upgrade is passive and only bold and decisive initiatives will keep Samsung in front. I want to know if dprint will do something smart with the s5 and the note enough to order these two phones with tri – band/mode, to work on it’s new lte advance network. We are still angry at them, for equipping mediocre handsets with this capability and have us buying the s4 and note 3,for much more than other carriers, and these sets will not work on it’s new network…they should be passed over if they come up short in 2014…….

  2. Sorry to say – but you do not have all the details regarding whos first with biometric in their phones.
    First and foremost – Motorola and others have released phones with biometrics many years ago.
    But the “big” paradigmshift that happened this year was sure to be thanks to apple.

    But at the same time – Fujitsju released a “Disneyphone” a month before Apples 5s – and theres pantek, konka also on the scene.
    So – yes – Apple was the first manufacturer with capacitve sensors but the market now has lots of different brands. And it doesnt stop there – Fujitsu has already releaste tablets that not only has biometrics, they are also waterproof.

    So, to say that apples was the first i concider to be wrong – but otherwise a good article.

    / Foretrex


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